Beer and prosecco bikes

In order to get to our start location for free, you have to go to Amsterdam Central Station first.
Behind Amsterdam Central Station you’ll find free ferries. You’ll have to take Ferry F4 to NDSM-wharf. Please note that the ferry will take approximately 15 minutes to NDSM-wharf.

You’ll be dropped off by the ferry on MS van Riemsdijkweg and then you’ll have a 3-minute walk to the exact meeting point: T.T. Neveritaweg 59, 1033 WB Amsterdam.

We advise you to take a look before departing on, although the departure times actually never change.

Unfortunately, the government of Amsterdam doesn’t allow beer bikes anymore in the center of Amsterdam. That’s why we found an even better location, only 15 minutes from the center of Amsterdam.

Taxi TCA

Another easy way to get to the start location is to call a taxi. The number of TCA is +31 20 777 7777

The pictures show you the way to go with the free GVB Ferry, from Amsterdam Central station to the NDSM Wharf

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